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As of the August 1st 2017, Roxanne and Greg will both be working as self-supporting volunteers/missionaries with Youth For Christ KZN.

Greg works with kids who live on the streets of Pietermaritzburg. He builds relationships with these children in the hope that one day they will accept the help that YFC offers either through going to rehab, living in a YFC shelter or bringing them back to their families. All this is done in conjunction with working alongside their families in hopes that once the family unit is stronger, the family will stay together.

Roxanne will be starting a new project at YFC in August, her main goal is to help bring adequate sanitation into some of the impoverished communities that YFC are are working in. This will be done through building relationships with the communities, churches and local municipalities in order to bring awareness of the current living conditions of many poor people here in South Africa.

In order for us to work on these projects, and still be able to pay bills and live, we need both prayer and financial support.

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